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Whitehouse Lawns 2012

Aside from enjoying the Spring-like weather here in Charlotte and getting a Vegas trip out of the way, I’ve been spending time this winter working on my business strategy. The “new economy” forces all of us to make adjustments with our finances, especially small businesses that require daily cash flow to operate. We have to work smarter, make better decisions, and deliver the results. 2011 was a good year, but I’ve come up with a few opportunities that will make Whitehouse Lawns even better in 2012. Strategic partnerships with other top service providers, hiring and training of key employees, and managing costs will allow us to operate more efficiently (and profitably), be more proactive with lawn care issues, and bring more value to you.

I will be making some changes to the delivery of the In Bloom newsletter. Communication is a major key to success in this business and the monthly newsletter has been a fantastic communication tool. I put a lot of time in creating content for the newsletter, printing, and delivering because I feel its important to keep you informed. However, I can’t ignore the cost of producing a paper newsletter and getting it delivered on time vs. the ease and no cost of using email. So I’d like to take advantage of some new tools available and turn In Bloom into a monthly email newsletter. This will save a lot of time and money for me and I think it will streamline the delivery process. I know it can be a pain for some to spend more time with email, but I ask that you please give this a try. I will keep the number of emails to a minimum and only include information that is important for you to know and will be of value to you.

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The next 2-3 weeks we will primarily be pruning crepe myrtles, completing a couple of sheduled projects and make another round of maintenance visits in February. If you have an event coming up, friends or family visiting, just want the property spruced up, or if you have a landscape project in mind please let me know. This is a great time to plan and complete any outdoor projects for your property.

Thanks, Ben


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