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Outdoor furniture

Its a great time to start planning your outdoor living space for next year. I like to take some time in the winter to work on furniture for the patio. If you are interested in making some furniture for your outdoor living space check out Outdoor Furniture Plans to get started.

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Happy Holidays!

I already have my tree up, lights on the house (I’m almost at the level of Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation), and of course the giant Spongebob inflatable in the yard that my 6 year old picked out. I am especially thankful this time of year for the relationships I have with you, my clients, because its much more than just business. The business provides very well for me and my family, but I cherish the interactions I have with all of you and I’m very lucky to be associated with a fantastic group. This is just my long-winded way of saying Thank You for being a customer.

I’m excited to announce a year-end contest where one client will get a completely FREE annual service from Mosquito Squad in 2010, valued at $700. The lucky winner will be mosquito free in 2010 with 10 treatments of Mosquito Squad’s natural and organic mosquito repellent during the bug season next year. This is a great service run by good people that will allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with annoying mosquitoes.

Here’s what to do to qualify for the free year of Mosquito Squad service: email me the name and phone # of a neighbor, friend, relative, or coworker who may be interested in my services. They don’t need to sign up with me for you to qualify, it just needs to be someone I can call and introduce myself to. Here’s where it gets even better. If they eventually do become a Whitehouse Lawns customer you will also get a free month of lawn maintenance service from me. So think about any potential prospects, get me their information, and it could turn into big savings for you. The winner will be picked on January 15 so you have until then to get your entry in.

From the operations department: we will continue through December cleaning up leaves to keep your property neat through the holidays. Please note: with the holiday schedule, frequent rain, and leaf volume; the frequency of visits will slow down this month and we will probably not be there on a regular day of the week. Please let me know of any special dates if you have anything planned.    

Have a happy and safe holiday season!



It's Leaf Season

I’ll be honest with you, it feels great to be finished with lawn renovations. It is the most physically demanding and time consuming part of the year. You may have noticed I did not get a newsletter out in October, I was just too busy with renovations this year (and therefore too tired at the end of the day). I”m looking forward to working outside with a chill in the air and getting all of our properties looking great for the holidays.

I’ve been very happy with the lawn renovation results so far this year, especially those that got the premium renovation products. I want to do everything I can to add value to your property, and give you good bang for the buck at the same time. We are continuing to follow up by putting out more seed in thin areas and doing some light raking in areas that need a better seed bed. By this time you can go back to a regular watering schedule of 2-3 days per week (if no rain) and continue this until we get into late November– please let me know if you want me to program your irrigation timer. If you have any thin areas that has needed reseeding, its best to spray these areas down with a hose as often as possible to get the seed to germinate to keep from over-watering the rest of the yard.

Next up is leaf season! Our maintenance priority will begin to focus on leaf removal over the next few weeks, and this will go on through December and usually into January until all leaves are clear. We will start by picking leaves up from turf areas on each maintenance visit, and then cleaning out beds once most of the leaves are down. As always, we will have every residential property cleaned up the week of Thanksgiving and looking as good as possible for the holidays so you can be proud of your landscape when you celebrate with friends and family. Please let me know if you have any special events planned that you want a maintenance and leaf cleanup scheduled for.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for being a client of mine. I feel extremely lucky and blessed to be associated with you and I look forward to many years of beautiful landscapes and positive relationships.

Please let me know if there is any way I can improve my service for you.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving, Ben

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