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Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable 4th of July. I’ll be in Hilton Head this year taking a few much needed days of R&R. Many of you know my lead foreman Octavio has been in Mexico for the last 3 weeks taking care of the immigration paperwork for his wife and daughter. Me and the rest of the guys have pulled together to cover his route and stay on schedule, but we’re glad to have him back.

Now we are ready to get into our Summer routine of maintaining your landscape through the toughest time of year for Fescue lawns. That means we keep our blades sharp, and are extra careful on heat/drought stressed lawns. We are already seeing a lot of stressed turf as we have move into 90+ days and sporadic rain. On page 2 of this In Bloom edition I have included everything you need to know about watering your lawn and shrubs. How much water and when is always the most frequent question I get this time of year so hopefully this information will help us all save water and keep our lawns healthy this summer.

This is also the time to treat for White Grubs, by far the most damaging insect to our lawns in this part of the country. This treatment is often overlooked because grubs are out of sight and out of mind, but this is a crucial piece of the puzzle of maintaining a healthy and vigorous stand of turf year round. The timing of a grub application on the turf is right after the Japanese beetles lay their eggs in the ground which should be the end of July/early August. Everyone on the Premium Lawn Care Program will automatically get the grub treatment. Please let me know if you do not want this treatment or to verify that you will get treated for white grubs.

Summer can also be a challenging time for weed control. I have some great products to control common weeds like nutsedge, crabgrass, spurge, buttonweed, etc. However, most of the sprayable products have temp ratings that don’t recommend application over 90 degrees to avoid burning the turf. I try to apply these products during breaks in temperature, but you may notice temporary stress on the turf in these areas. 

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about watering, white grubs, lawn care treatments, weeds, or the mowing schedule.



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June in Charlotte

I hope everyone had a great Memorial day and is enjoying the great weather. There are a couple of service items we are focusing on this month in addition to keeping up with cutting the grass. We have started our shrub trimming schedule and will be getting to everyone who has requested shrub trimming over the next couple weeks. If you would like your shrubs taken care of for a special occasion or a certain date please let me know, otherwise we will come by as you fall on the shrub trimming schedule this month.

The next item that will need special attention this month is treating lawns for Brown Patch Fungus. Its usually mid to late June when we see the first signs of fungus on the lawn, but the recent weather of heat, humidity, and thunderstorms has brought on ideal conditions for Brown Patch to thrive and we usually start seeing the lesions on the grass blades during the first week of June. It looks like this could be a summer where Brown Patch could do some severe damage to lawns if not treated. Everyone on the Premium Lawn Care Program is getting a fungicide treatment at the end of May/first week of June. Page 2 of this newsletter has pictures of this lawn disease and everything you need to know about Brown Patch Fungus and what we can do to minimize its damage.

Water management is very important this time of year for a few reasons. The lawn needs extra water as we get into the hot season, but over-watering is a big mistake because its expensive and will cause brown patch fungus– even with the fungicide treatments we do. Since most irrigation systems run at night or early morning, we usually don’t think about them and don’t catch issues until the damage is done. I highly suggest taking the time to audit your system every few weeks– turn on each zone and walk around checking each head or drip area. Are the heads rotating correctly? Are all areas getting covered properly with water and not watering into the street (a simple nozzle change could adjust the amount of water and distance for a sprinkler head)? Are there any noticeable leaks? Do any areas look stressed from lack of water? Doing an irrigation audit regularly can save you money on your water bill and save your plants and turf from stress. Please let me know if you find any irrigation issues you need addressed or if you want help with your irrigation audit.  

Thanks, Ben



Annual Flower Beds

Its time to take out pansies and put in your new seasonal flowers. The most popular annuals now are begonias, vinca, and petunias; impatiens are great for shady beds also. You can also add specialty annuals like lantana, coleus, altenanthera, angelonia, and helenium to name a few. Try doing a google search of some of these to come up with your own combination. 

Please call or email me to let me know of your annual flower bed requests such as flower choice, colors, and patterns. As always, you get my special blend of soil amendments and fertilizer treatments to maximize your flower blooms through the seasons.



Shrub Trimming Charlotte

I am now scheduling the first round of shrub trimming for the upcoming weeks. Most of our shrubs have flushed out tremendously with new growth. Please contact me to verify that you want shrub trimming scheduled and so we can discuss what needs to be done on your property. I want to make sure we trim and prune according to how you want your landscape to look; whether you want certain areas to grow out, re-shape certain shrubs, severely cut back shrubs, or just lightly prune specific shrubs.

$55 per man hour


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