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Happy Mothers Day!

First of all, A big Happy Mothers Day to everyone this month! I know I’ll be pampering moms this weekend (and hopefully squeezing in some time at Quail for the golf tournament). Please make sure everyone in the house sees this newsletter– its full of ideas for a special Mothers Day this year.

So far the Spring season has been VERY busy even with the addition of 2 new employees. And of course, this business doesn't exist without YOU; the excellent feedback you provide me, and the referrals of new clients. I can’t thank you enough.   

Please remember: your satisfaction with my service and our long-term relationship is my most valuable asset, and I cherish it very much. Not to mention, I enjoy interacting with all of you and get personal satisfaction out of delivering beautiful landscapes.

There are 3 things I ask of you to help me continue to be successful with this business:

1. Give me your honest feedback, both good and bad, at every opportunity. Even little things that may seem insignificant will help me train the team, make improvements to my systems, and keep you happy.

2. Pay careful attention to the current services being offered in this newsletter and any recommendations I have for you to enhance your property. You will find many services we offer in addition to our regular maintenance. These add-ons and coming to me with any outdoor projects you have are an important part of my revenue stream.

3. If you are happy with the service please recommend me to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family (you’ll be rewarded with a special gift or discount). I am very happy working with you and I want to grow the business by working with similar folks.       

Thanks, Ben


Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Over the last few years I’ve been working on an optimum tree and shrub program. This year I’m starting out with a granular application of 14-14-14. This is a great formulation to promote root strength, controlled growth, leaf color, and blooms for all ornamental trees and shrubs, evergreens, and flowering.

Next month will follow with an all-around liquid application of insecticide, fungicide, micro-nutrients, and iron to protect your shrubs through the summer.

These applications are included for those on the monthly Premium Shrub Program. If you would like to get on this program or would like a single shrub treatment please let me know.



Whitehouse Lawns News

Spring is here and has started off great! Temps have been just right to help lawns kick in and now that we have a big week of rain, the trees and shrubs will be flowering, leafing out, and producing plenty of pollen to cover our cars and make us sneeze. .

We are also looking good from our operations side. Thanks to you for advocating our service, we are expanding and welcoming 2 new employees (Jose and Angel). We will now be operating 2 crews of landscape pros to service properties. I believe this will give us much more flexibility in giving extra time for maintenance detail on the regular visits, making the rounds for shrub trimming this summer, and getting to your extra work requests as timely as possible. If you get a chance to talk to our new Crew Foreman, Jose, you will find him to be very courteous, professional, and hard working. Both Crew Foremen, Octavio and Jose, speak excellent English so don’t hesitate to approach them if you have any questions or extra requests when they are working on your property (or you can always call me direct).

This month I am excited to participate in the PLANET Day Of Service on April 22 (also Earth day and my little girl’s 8th birthday!), see for more info. I will be joining a group of volunteers to renovate the landscape of a School of the Arts in High Point NC. Next year I hope to organize a PLANET Day of Service project to help a local non-profit or charity here in Charlotte with there landscape needs. If you have any ideas please let me know…

Switching gears… I’d like to ask you to help me shamelessly plug Whitehouse Lawns by writing a short review on the internet (I’m offering $10 off your next bill, lets call it an “ethical bribe” for helping me out). Google gives credit to companies with reviews by giving higher rankings, and of course it will help with credibility for potential clients searching the web to read good reviews. See below for detailed instructions.

Thanks for all you do for me. Ben




Upcoming Lawn Care in Charlotte NC

Here are some of the services you might need coming up in the next month or two. You will see these in more detail in upcoming newsletters. As always, I will notify you if I see that you need anything extra for your property.

April:    2nd pre-emergent lawn treatment– included in all lawn care programs

           Shrub fertilization/fungicide/insecticide– included in Whitehouse Shrub Program

Fire ant control– TopChoice treatment gives 1 year of fire ant control– not included in programs, please call.

Irrigation Startup

May: Shrub pruning– extra labor charge

Second Shrub fungicide treatment for leaf spot on Indian Hawthorne, cleyara, otto luken laurel, etc.– included in Whitehouse Shrub program

June: Lawn fungicide treatment to prevent Brown Patch Fungus– Included in Whitehouse Premium Lawn care

Japanese beetle treatment on fruit trees, crepe myrtles,maples,etc– Included in Whitehouse Shrub program.



Charlotte Weed Alert- Hairy Bittercress

Last month we learned about one of the nastiest weeds we experience in the Spring– poa annua. This month I wanted to identify a weed that we haven't seen much of in previous years but has popped up in abundance this year– Hairy Bittercress.

Its amazing how a certain weed will not be an issue for many years and then all of a sudden the conditions are just right and we see it everywhere.

Hairy Bittercress is a winter annual broadleaf weed, it germinates over the winter and starts growing and producing white flowers in the Spring. Luckily, it is very easy to control with a selective broadleaf weed herbicide.

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