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Pricing for Lawn Care and Lawn Service in Charlotte NC

As we enter into early Spring here in Charlotte NC, a lot of homeowners are thinking about either hiring a lawn care provider for the first time or switching from their current lawn service. I first question I often get asked is how much??? And understandably so, because budget is so important to the household these days.

Here's a little insight into how I come up with my pricing for lawn care and lawn maintenance services. Number one, I know my overhead and direct costs to operate the business. Second, I know the time involved in completing the tasks we provide as part of our service. And finally, I know the profit margin I would like to have in order to operate a succesful business.

Pricing for lawn care treatments is easy- its solely based on the square footage of your turf area. Lawn maintenance can get a little more complicated- its based on the time needed to service the property in a way that will meet and exceed your expectations. Factors such as leaf volume, detail work required, gated areas that require small equipment, etc all effect pricing.

Our prices usually end up being right around industry average for quality, established lawn service companies.

Most of our customers are paying anywhere from $120 to $200 per month for lawn maintenance service; depending on the size of their property, leaf volume, and the level of service they are looking for. Its very important for us to price our services correctly; if we're too low we don't realize a profit and eventually the service suffers, too high and we lose business to a more reasonably priced competitor. 

The most common story I hear from a prospective client who is thinking about switching lawn services is that their current service provider started out great, then gradually were not responsive to requests and the property started to decline. If they happen to be surprised that we are higher priced, I have to point out that if their current company was pricing them correctly and making a profit they would probably be bending over backwards to satisfy them and exceed expectations- just like we do for our clients. 

So yes, you can always find it cheaper. But when you want a company that knows how to balance quality service at a fair price, give Whitehouse Lawns a try!