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We specialize in Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance. Our annual lawn maintenance program delivers a neatly manicured property all year long that your friends, family, and neighbors will enjoy; and you will be proud of.

Our team of pros don't just show up, cut grass, and take off (like most of my competion). We take our time to get your property looking perfect by pulling weeds, spraying weeds, picking up debris, and noting any issues that need extra attention. You won't find better workmanship or attention to detail anywhere.

We offer 2 levels of Lawn Care to take care of your turf. I'm very excited to offer what I think is the most comprehensive Premium Lawn Care Program that I personally guarantee to deliver results. 

Whitehouse Lawns Lawn Care Program Descriptions

Basic Lawn Care Program- This is a fine program that gives you the basics. The 5 treatments are the minimum you will want to do for your lawn to keep the lawn green during the growing season and weeds under control. You can expect to maintain the current quality of your lawn and keep weeds under control.

The Whitehouse Lawns Premium Lawn Care Program- This program is designed to create ideal soil and growing conditions on your property so your lawn can thrive throughout the year.

Premium Program Benefits:

  • The combination of organic and synthetic products provides a balanced supply of nutrients to feed the turf and condition the soil.
  • The premium products we use allow soil to retain moisture and nutrients during drought conditions and also super-charge seed germination in the fall.
  • A proactive approach to insect and disease control will protect the turf from damage (rather than waiting on the time it takes to identify the problem, contact you, get approval, and then treat the problem).
  • A soil analysis gives an overview of soil quality, PH, and nutrient levels. This allows us to use custom fertilizer formulations based on your test results to meet the needs of your specific property.

After much research and product testing, I feel the Premium Program is the most complete lawn care program available for the turf types and environmental conditions in our area. I designed this program for those that want to see improvement in their lawn, are not satisfied with marginal results, and want to maintain a showcase level, weed-free property.

With the Premium Program you get my personal commitment to do whatever it takes to improve your lawn and maintain it at a high level all year long.

Please contact me with any questions and thanks for your consideration,

Ben Whitehouse   

Certain lawn care services, including lawn fertilization and weed control services are subcontracted by Whitehouse Lawns, Inc. to Spring-Green Lawn and Tree Care.  Availability of residential service is subject to the property location.  Residential service may be provided by the Spring-Green Lawn and Tree Care franchise that services the area where the property is located and specific program and pricing will be provided by that franchisee.  Please go to for more details on Spring-Green services.  Each Spring-Green franchise is independently owned and operated.